Stay Fit

In-company training

Prioritize your work-life balance and the vitality of your team

Boost your health and your business with a workout on your location

Our method consists of personal training and/ or group training. We specialize in vitality as well as teambuilding, improving the connection between colleagues. Together we will make a plan towards your personal goals or those of the team. Our trainers will make sure that everybody improves in a fun and effective way

Choose your plygrnd

This is the perfect workout to get rid of your stiff neck, shoulder pain or lower back pain. A good mobility makes you feel free in your body, makes you stronger improves your posture and helps prevent pain in daily life.
HIIT & Power – circuit
Every minute a new station with challenging exercises in a circuit. A workout that combines cardio with explosive movements and weights.
Booming Bodyweight
In this full body training we use a wide variety of Bodyweight exercises combined with playfull elements. Develop functional strength, mobility, balance & coordination in a playful but not easy way
Power Kickboxing
In this is full body workout divided into 2 types of training, half the class is exploring the skills and drills of (kick)boxing, the other half is working on muscle strength, stamina and explosiveness. This is the perfect 45 minute High Intensity (kick)boxing training. ZERO experience necessary and equipment will be provided.

What People say about us

I highly recommend starting your day with a workout with the great people of PLYGRND. It not only energizes your body but also helps clear your mind for the challenges of the day. Incorporating physical activity into your morning routine can enhance productivity and improve overall well-being. The guys are very professional and take into account everyone's level and any body concerns. I personally had some lower back issues when i started at the PLYGRND and the guys were able to let me recorver from it. Staying active and positive is a piece of the cake here!
Wout Melief
Brummer Makelaars