Stay Fit

Group training & personal training

Train outdoor or indoor together with like-minded people guided by a professional trainer

Train towards your personal goals, on your own level with a variety of different training options

Our method consists of personal training and/ or group training. Together we will make a plan towards your personal goals. Our trainers will also make sure that we focus on your mobility, endurance, functional strength and balance. And this is just the start.

Choose your plygrnd

HIIT & Power – circuit
Every minute a new station with challenging exercises in a circuit. A workout that combines cardio with explosive movements and weights.
Power Kickboxing
In this is full body workout divided into 2 types of training, half the class is exploring the skills and drills of (kick)boxing, the other half is working on muscle strength, stamina and explosiveness. This is the perfect 45 minute High Intensity (kick)boxing training. ZERO experience necessary and equipment will be provided.
Dumbell workout
In this strength focussed full body workout you will be challenged on your own level, by an experienced trainer, in a motivating group. Grab your dumbbells from our rack ranging from 2- 30 KG and experience a growing love/hate relationship during this 45 minutes workout. The music is blasting and the trainer hype’s you up. Do you want to tone your body, build some more muscles mass and burn Calories than this is the right workout for you!
Follow along with creative flows of our yoga teacher. vinyasa yoga classes will follow the structure of the Ashtanga Primary Series and the teacher will include their own variations of postures that flow together to form a sequence. Suitable for all levels.
Booming Bodyweight
In this full body training we use a wide variety of Bodyweight exercises combined with playfull elements. Develop functional strength, mobility, balance & coordination in a playful but not easy way
Outdoor ‘tough love’ army training (event)
This once a month bootcamp workout is more intense than the average group exercise class and is not for the faint hearted. We don’t run from the elements of nature we embrace them. An outdoor workout with equipment in a bootcamp style. With the instructor adopting a no-nonsense approach to motivate mind and body. Exercises are raw and spartan like waterbags, battle ropes and tyres are included.
Embrace the cold
A monthly Ice bath event that combines a High intensity workout, with Breath work and an ice bath. Surrounded by like-minded people this is the perfect way to feel brand new, energized and confident in your own body. Take the next step on your journey into the discomfort. Improve your health while you also work on your mental strength.

What people say about us

Training with Bassou results for me in getting the exercise I need during the week to feel physically strong and healthy, enhance my energy level, getting a clear and sharp mind, and not unimportantly, a lot of fun and good talks!


It resulted in losing almost 14kg. Next to that my blood pressure went to normal as well as my cholesterol level. Feel proud of myself and feel better mentally. For me you are a very motivating factor in doing this transformation. Also it is fun!


Your trainers

Qualified head trainer

My name is Bassourama Koné. I am an elite trainer specialized in bodyweight training & functional fitness. I am also a master trainer at our national calisthenics institution (COI) where I educate other trainers.

My focus of the last 5 years has been on building my knowledge and capabilities towards one goal… guiding you step by step to reach your physical goals, optimize your wellbeing and expand your knowledge of effectively supporting your own physical state. Through training & education.

"I'm Bassourama,
Bassou for friends"
"I'm Alexander Kiss,
call me Alex "

My name is Alexander Kiss and I am a NASM international certified personal trainer. My passion for fitness and boxing brought me to this profession where I teach our clients not only how to workout with proper technique, but the whole idea behind fitness. Training is essential in our lives, it’s making us stronger mentally and physically. Success is impossible without systematic and proper training.

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